Thursday, August 15, 2013

Meek Family Camping Trip

 The Meek Family Camping Trip this year was wonderful!  I thoroughly enjoyed taking my little ones into the out-of-doors to play to the fullest each and every day for five days!  Justin would wake up first thing in the morning and ask if he could, "Go Play?" It was so fun to watch the little cousins all playing together.  They loved going for rides or just playing around camp.
     Meal time was a huge change of events by the second day.  My kids were actually eating!  They never do that and have pretty much stopped eating since we got home.  When meal time rolled around out there, they were hungry!!
Daphne and Eva, the best of friends!

Leah's bug bitten eye

Daphne and Tal at the Lemhi County Museum

Justin trying to escape the boring museum

Funk Family 2013

Our field trip to Sacajawea's Camp Ground

Rides with Daddy

Mama, I'm goin' Swimmin'!

Ready or Not!

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

The Fourth of July!

 Beautiful babies waiting for the Menan Fourth of July parade.  It was very hot, but they were so excited! Justin could not wait to see the fire engines.  When they finally came, they gave us all a wonderful spray of water that really offended our sweet little guy!  They got away with lots of loot from this parade.
  After the parade, we headed out to Grandma Thomas' house where she has a swamp cooler.  We had a barbeque in the back yard while we waited for the fireworks that night.  They were not willing to take naps at Grandmas, so we drove in to Nana Meek's house.  They were out in the first 3 minutes of the drive.  They made it through the fireworks, and I am happy to say I came home with two very tired, very happy kiddos!

 All of the following pictures are from Meek Family fireworks at Nana Meek's house.  Kris ran the show and my kiddos had oh so much fun playing with cousins.  My Uncle Mike and Aunt Charissa, and Cousin Angie came.  Angie brought her three little ones and Justin loved having some new faces to play with.  The little ones just adored the whole festival.   It was so FUN!



GG Hayes holding Kevin and Reagan's new one, Mageigh.

Still cautious with this!

My first sparkler!

Sunday, May 26, 2013

Thomas the Train!

Sir Topham Hatt was the highlight of the day...well to be honest riding Thomas was, but it was so stinking fun to see Justin's excitement when he saw Sir Topham.  We learned how hard it is for a three year old to be willing to wait for anything after spending four hours in the car!  We were able to leave the house fairly early (for us) at around 9:30.  So after doing a bit of Mommy's craft selling in Blackfoot, we were able to get back on the road.  We were in Tremonton by lunch so we stopped at the McDonald's where thankfully they have a play place. It was a good one too, but very busy.  After that I chose to drive into Heber, Nate had been driving.  The kiddos took a very short nap during this drive.  Then we were there!  There was a carnival in the parking lot so we went to discover all of the things that were planned for our little family to do.  They had different tents set up with all sorts of fun things for my little ones!  They were pictures with Sir Topham Hatt, a gift shop tent (that was so overpriced that we didn't buy a single thing), a clown making balloon toys, face painting and temporary
tatoos (that of course my kids are afraid of), coloring, story telling and showtime, a magician, a food booth, sidewalk chalk and bubbles, and of course my kids favorite was playing with the trains and building with mega blocks.
   Then after you had visited the tents and had your map stamped you got to go get a special prize which was a sticker page and stickers.  By the time we had visited all the stations like three times, which my kids loved, it was time to ride the train.  It was a perfect rendition of Thomas!
The car that we rode in was older and run down, but fairly comfortable. The little kiddo sitting across from us on the train itself said it looked like "Clarabell".  That tells everyone that I don't pay that close of attention when I turn Thomas on for my kids.  The ride was fairly short, but a perfect amount of time for my little ones.  Justin sat next to an open window of which he kept sticking he head out.  It was fun to watch so I took oodles of pictures of him doing this!  Daphne sat across from him and the two of them looking out the windows was a wonderful sight to see.  They fill our hearts!

  The drive into Salt lake was both scary and fun.  Utah drivers sure make me nervous.  They go way too fast in the turns and corners of a mountain highway!  We got to the hotel and let everyone have a potty break. We were all starving, so we were off! We decided to go to Joe's Crab Shack because the last time we came down we were able to let Justin play on their inside toys while we actually had a chance to eat.  I decided to try something I had never tried before, I shelled my own craw-fish!  It was spiced with Cajun so it was really hot.  My lips were bright red and puffy when I was done from the heat!  Nate had a fisherman's platter and we ordered something similar to that for the kids.
   Believe it or not even after the drive the kids were really good!  They played and we ate.  Unfortunately they did not eat!  Oh well.  We headed back to the hotel and immediately changed our clothes to go swimming.  At first the kids were skeptical, but I explained to both of them that it was a big bathtub with water Mommy wouldn't yell at them for splashing all over the bathroom.  Justin thought that was pretty funny.  I also told them that Nate and I would hold them the whole time and that they were safe.  They really liked it, but it was getting late so we had to return to the room.  I think the kids would have stayed all night!

Justin (and Mankie) with Thomas the Train!

 Saturday morning we got up and had a few mishaps.  Justin did not sleep too well through the night so Mom and Dad were pretty beat.  While I was blow drying my hair, Justin made his first 911 call.  He commented to Nate that someone was talking to him, but we didn't think anything of it until the knock came at our door! Ugh.  I guess every kid does it at least once! LOL!
   Adventures for the day were planned and off we went!  We first went just a mile or two down the road to "The Living Planet Aquarium".
It had been a recommendation from Lisa, Jeremy, and Walker.  The recommendation was really a good one!  That place is cool!  It is right in Sandy and super easy to find so if you ever are down there and have the chance I highly recommend it as well.  I think we were there super early compared to the usual crowd, at about 9:20.  They had just fed the otters and they were eating and playing in all the pools, when we went back to see them before leaving they were all curled up together and asleep.

I am really glad that Justin and Daphne got to see them while they were up and moving.  Like so many other places, the aquarium had a giant frog for the kids and I to sit on!  I have now had my picture taken with like five of these giant frogs.  If you know of any more across the nation please let me know.  I wanna make it a goal to have my picture taken with all of them!!
  The penguins were also super cool to watch and I thought the giant squid was interesting.  I also touched a bat ray, but I couldn't talk the kids into it.  Overall they had a great assortment of sea life for our family to enjoy.  It was a great experience and Justin asked me this morning when we were going back to the fish museum.  Just that question alone made the entire trip worth it!
   Ikea was our next stop as Nate and the kids had never been there.  I think that they were overwhelmed the same way I was the first time Natalie took me!  We still spent more than we should have, but we did bring chocolate home and that's what's important!
   After Ikea the kids were starving, but I couldn't talk Justin into eating at Ikea.  He wanted to stay and play with the train table though.  Stupid Mom, she didn't even buy him a train.  So if anyone is making a trip, let me know!!  Nate and I had seen a Carl's Jr with a play place so we made that our destination.  We decide that Idaho Falls really need one!  We actually had hot Carl's Jr!  After lunch we headed North with only one more stop in Mom's mind.  I wanted to go to Tai Pan Trading.  We went to the one in Clearfield, just North of Layton. 
It was definitely not the best Tai Pan I have ever been too.  I wish we would have gone to the one in Jordan/Sandy.  It was much better the last time I went there.  After stopping there we headed home.
     The entire trip was definitely not the easiest I have ever made, little kids who get sick of the car easily and siblings who won't let each other sleep made it difficult as well.  I also have a cold so I am sure it made me more irritable. 

HOWEVER, I am so very blessed to have this amazing little family that I love so deeply.  I have an amazing husband who is ready and willing to go on any adventure.  This leads me to believe that it is going to be an amazing summer with lots of fabulous adventuring ahead of us!

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